Welcome to Zoar Baptist Church!
Zoar Baptist Church
Thursday, March 21, 2019
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Welcome to Zoar Baptist Church!


     Zoar Baptist Church is located at the intersection of Elk Run Road and Bristersburg Road in Bristersburg, Va. and was organized in 1822.  The church is named for Zoar, the "small resting place" in the Bible, where Lot stopped to reconsider the direction of his life.  Zoar served as the mother church for Heart's Delight Baptist Church near Sowego,which was established by Zoar's African-American members after the Civil War.

     The classic stone church building was completed in 1852.  The Sunday School and Fellowship Hall next to the church was built in 1977 and was recently rebuilt and is now twice the size of the early building.  Recent enhancements to the church grounds include a ball field, a walking/jogging track, an illuminated road-side sign and a fenced-in children's playground.

     Pastor of Zoar Baptist Church is Rev. Arthur DeCourcey, who came to the church in 1986.  Rev. DeCoucey has been in the ministry since 1979 and previously served at Mount Ararat Baptish Church in Stafford County.

     Rev. Delbert Roberts has also served the congretation since 1996 as Music Worship Leader and currently as Associat Pastor.

     For more information about Zoar Baptist Church, please call Pastor DeCourcey at (540)788-9750 or (540)840-4126.